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    Welcome into ST Meccanica

    Oxyhydrogen welding and brazing:
    fire that comes from water

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    Experience and accuracy

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    Quality and cost savings in terms of time

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    Art and Reliability

What we do

  • Assembly and brazing of components supplied by the customer
  • Drilling of the welded pieces, before or after welding
  • Packaging kits
  • Building of collectors for heating

In addition, we work closely with a leading company in Europe for bending and deformation of the copper tube and iron, and are therefore able to realize from the tube coil in a finished product.

Systems and Equipment

The production capacity of S.T. Meccanica uses the following equipment:

  • 4 automatic brazing carousels to 6 stations with a preheating station and a piece ossipropano welding hydrogen / oxygen.
    Production capacity from 120 to 200 PZ hours.
  • 3 manual welding carousels
  • 1 Automatic drill T-Drill S-54 for the realization of the holes with collar 6 to 54mm
  • 1 Plant for the production of hydrogen and oxygen used in the welding process
  • 1 Machine for schimpatura kits (hot packaging)
  • various drilling machines for drilling manual


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