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    Welcome into ST Meccanica

    Oxyhydrogen welding and brazing:
    fire that comes from water

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    Experience and accuracy

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    Quality and cost savings in terms of time

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    Art and Reliability

S.T. Meccanica: braze welding contractors

External view of ST MeccanicaWe are a company specialized in the brazing metal seminobili, particularly copper and brass. Our strong point is the historicity of the company operating in the heating / cooling for over fifty years and in recent years also in pellet stoves (idro). We make working of brazing for third parties and own production of various types of collectors and accessories offering a product that can enter the market at competitive prices.

A direct line by a huge economic advantage.

The quality and seriousness that we have been taught the previous generations are our strength!

Oxyhydrogen welding fire that comes from water

We are one of the very few companies in the Veneto that perform oxyhydrogen brazing with hydrogen, a gas with a high calorific value, respects the environment because in produced from water, low noise level in the phase of combustion and welding as outward appearance looks smooth and shiny.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Not noisy
  • Highly accurate
  • Welding precise uniform and shining
  • Safe for the operator
  • Infinite power using electrolytic cells

Organization and Convenience

Automation of braze welding process combined with the high precision of welding of complex parts made by hand, the organization and the quick delivery of the product allow us to guarantee high quality at affordable prices.

Automatic Welding

We produce individual parts through automatic machines designed especially for brazing that we later improved and modified. We can apply the automatic welding also bulky pieces and that they also have more of a weld providing the customer with an excellent result both for quality and for the outer appearance of the weld itself also greatly reducing the production costs.

Manual Welding

Finally we apply the manual welding, our forte: we can weld any particular as far as possible and obvious, however, that being a craft and then done with the hands and having years of experience behind the times of productions are slower by automatic welding but made with great quality and above all passion in the profession we do.

Technology and Savings

Our advanced equipment including a drill automatic T-Drill allow us precise and rapid special processes otherwise impossible to achieve.


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